Our artisan-distilled spirits are made from USDA Certified Organic wheat, barley, triticale and corn grown especially for our distillery, and the quality of each of our products is a direct reflection of the superiority of our grains. From the pristine waters of our island’s deep aquifers, to the unspoiled, un-compromised Washington State farmlands on which our grains are cultivated, no effort is spared to create distilled spirits of a singular and elemental nature. This passion and dedication goes into each and every Small Batch we make.


Bainbridge Yama starts its life as organic Alba and Full Pint organic barley grown in Washington state’s Walla Walla Valley. After mashing, fermenting and careful distillation in our Bainbridge Island stillhouse, it completes its journey aging in 66 gallon casks hand crafted in Japanese from Mizunara Oak growing on Hokkaido, Japan. Once in the cask the whiskey takes on all of the exotic influences to be found in this ultra-rare wood. Bainbridge Yama Mizunara Cask Single Grain Whiskey is the world’s only non-Japanese whiskey to be aged exclusively in virgin Mizunara cooperage.

It delivers bright aromatics of mango, vanilla, toasted sandalwood, tropical flowers, marzipan and star anise. Flavors open on nutmeg and clove, pear and toasty wood notes, settling out to honeyed vanilla and toasted marshmallow. The finish is warm and lingering with fading spice and a pleasant oak grip.

Named Craft Whiskey of the Year – Whisky Advocate

7-time winner, American’s Best Grain Whiskey – World Whiskies Awards

Bainbridge Battle Point Organic Wheat Whiskey

A single-grain whiskey, fermented on estate-grown soft white wheat utilizing a unique combination of yeasts usually employed to make Irish and Scottish whiskies, double distilled and aged for 2 years in new, No.3 charred, ten gallon American white oak barrels.

The flavors are rich and complex, with notes of vanilla, eucalyptus and sherry, and a nose redolent of fresh barrel char, and a lingering finish with a bit of salt-air brine.

Named the World’s Best American Wheat Whiskey an unprecedented 5 times! No other wheat whiskey has received such recognition.

Chairman’s Trophy Finalist – Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Double Gold, Gold – San Francisco and New York World Spirits Competition 2019, 2020, 2021

“Brilliant delivery, full of quick-tempered spicy attitude. The oils are sublime and sugars mostly of the muscovado bent. Some vanilla and butterscotch show light oaky intent while the sugars remove the spices completely. Soft and satisfying, The spices demanded from wheat whiskey hit all the right spots. Very well made and impressive.”

Jim Murray’s The Whisky Bible


We start with specially selecting barrels of fully-matured and ready-to-bottle Battle Point Whiskey for finishing in casks that once held 10-12 year old single malt whisky from the Scottish isle of Islay. The whiskey is barrel-finished for a period of 8-12 months – enough time for the distillate to tame the barrel’s smoky influence and to allow the wheat whiskey’s character to assert itself.

The flavors are full and intense, with notes of stone fruit, saddle leather, and wheat grain well integrated with the Islay smoke.

World’s Best Wheat Whiskey – World Whiskies Awards, 2018

Top 100 Spirits of 2020 – Chairman’s Trophy, Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Double Gold, Gold  – San Francisco and New York World Spirits Competition, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023


Specially selected barrels of fully matured and ready-to-bottle Battle Point Whiskey are transferred to special casks constructed of rare and exotic Mizunara Oak, from the Japanese island of Hokkaido. These casks formerly held our own Bainbridge YAMA Mizunara Cask Whiskey.

It takes 10-12 months for the exotic notes of the Mizunara oak to develop. The resulting whiskey is alive with notes of cedar, toasted coconut, tropical fruits and sea air.

World’s Best Wheat Whiskey – World Whiskies Awards 2019, 2020, 2022

Top 100 Spirits of 2020 – Finalist, Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Gold – San Francisco and New York World Spirits Competition 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023


Selected barrels of fully-matured and ready-to-bottle Battle Point Whiskey are transferred to casks that formerly held 10 year old XO rum on the eastern Caribbean island of Barbados.

The whiskey rests for a period of 8-12 months, during which time the earthy and sweet notes of demerara, tropical flowers and smooth mature oak mingle with the characteristics of the American oak used to mature original Battle Point. The resulting whiskey is flush with notes of vanilla and toasted wheat and finishing with wisps of aged rum and sherry.

Gold – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Gold – World Whiskies Awards 2019

Double Gold – New York World Wine and Spirits Competition 2019

Best American Wheat Whiskey – World Whiskies Awards, London 2019

Bainbridge Legacy Organic Vodka

This is a full-flavored vodka four-times-distilled from organic soft white wheat and evocative of the grain vodkas distilled in Eastern Europe during the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. It has a wonderful grain character with a hint of sweetness derived from the wheat, followed by both citrus and berry notes, and finishing with the aroma of grain and vanilla.

JUDGED THE WORLD’S BEST VODKA from a field of more than 1,000 competitors at the World Drinks Awards in London.

“DAMN NEAR LUSCIOUS, 4, quite possibly 5 stars – superb, sophisticated distillate of complexity and approachable tastes that keep unfolding with time but never losing in intensity or quality”

F. Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal

Bainbridge Heritage Organic Doug Fir Gin

A wet gin by definition, this American wheat gin features 10 organic botanicals including juniper, orris and angelica root, two types of citrus peel, whole licorice root, coriander, cardamom, fennel seed and Douglas fir, freshly harvested in northeastern Washington State a day prior to the final distilling of each small batch.

The flavor is full and lush, without being harsh or astringent, with pronounced essences of juniper, licorice and cardamom with a heady evergreen fir aromatic. Our gin’s unique green tint comes from the Douglas Fir, extracted from the needles by our still’s Carter-Head inspired set up.

Two-time winner, World’s Best American Matured Gin, World Gin Awards

Gold Medal Winner – Beverage Tasting Institute’s International Spirits Review

“KEENLY CEDARY, SPICY, AND HERBAL, a dry gin whose ABV warmth appears on the tongue, sweet, with definite herbal and botanical touches, especially juniper, coriander and caraway.”

F. Paul Pacult, The Spirit Journal


This oaked gin starts life as Bainbridge Heritage Organic Doug Fir Gin, but undergoes a unique infusion process, resting on hard-toasted virgin American oak chips for at least 2 months. Unlike barrel-aged gins whose flavor characteristics can be muddled by the residuals of the barrel’s former contents, the use of virgin toasted oak adds a warming hint of tannin, dimension and detail to the flavor of the freshly cut Douglas fir boughs used to make this spirit.

Two time winner, World’s Best American Matured Gin, World Gin Awards

Gold Medal Winner, 93 points, Beverage Tasting Institue’s International Review of Spirits

Excellent rating, Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2017

“Golden straw color. Spicy, interesting aromas and flavors of egg nog, spiced meringue and fig-fennel pastry with a silky, bright, fruity medium-to-full body and a tingling, involved, long anise cookie, juniper, and lemon chutney finish. A delicious, spicy, flavor-packed barrel aged gin with lots of interesting cocktail possibilities.”


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