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When you start by using the best ingredients, you can’t help making a better product, and it is our belief that the organic grains that form the bedrock of our products are the best available anywhere. We also know that by using organically and sustainably grown ingredients we are preventing the release of synthetic fertilizers and dangerous chemicals into the environment. These compounds eventually wind up in our rivers and ground water, where they endanger people, wildlife and our way of life.

Distilling organic spirits is significantly more difficult than making spirits using conventionally grown crops and genetically modified yeasts and enzymes, but we feel that the trade off is worth it. With every batch of organic spirits we distill, we prove that making products of unparalleled quality and managing a business in the most responsible, sustainable manner possible are not mutually exclusive.

While we are the only GRAIN TO GLASS USDA Certified Organic distillery in Washington State we welcome and support (enthusiastically!) other distiller’s efforts to produce their products in the most conscious manner possible and to continue to show both consumers and the trade that organic spirits can be counted among the short list of world-class spirits.

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